Movie Review: Ralph Breaks the Internet


Cindy Ciotta, Managing Editor

Action movies, comedies, romance and dramas; they’re all awesome! Every once in a while however, you want to revisit the fun of an animated Disney movie. On November 21st 2018 “Ralph Breaks the Internet”, sequel to “Wreck it Ralph”, was released into theatres. My younger sister happened to love the first movie, so when she suggested I take her to see this new I couldn’t possibly say no. So we drove up to Movie House, ordered to bottomless popcorn, and began the movie.

Overall Disney did a good job with this one. The plot started after the steering wheel on Venellope’s game breaks, Ralph, played by John C. Reilly and Venellope, played by Sarah Silverman, go through the internet to find one and prevent her game from shutting down. They go through Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Amazon, eBay, and many more. I won’t give out the whole plot so I don’t spoil it, but I will say the concept was cute!

Honestly this movie really was adorable. Probably the cutest scene in my opinion was when Venellope got to meet the rest of the other Disney princesses, and honestly any little girl who likes Disney would’ve loved it. The movie had great visuals and humor, and had a plot that kept my little sister and I interested the whole movie.

If you have any younger siblings or just feel like seeing a cute Disney movie and have an excuse to have a bunch of popcorn, I would recommend going out to see this one!