Gift Guide for Broke Students

Maggie Coleman , Staff Writer

Christmas is one of the most joyous seasons of the year! And while the holidays are wonderful, they can also be a source of stress for those with financial issues. Trying to find affordable yet cute gifts that show your appreciation for your loved ones is a grey area that’s hard to find an adequate gift for. Below are some suggestions on finding the perfect gift without breaking the bank.

One of my personal favorite gifts to give is succulents! Tiny plants are very on-trend for 2018 while staying thoughtful. This gift is perfect for your trendy friends or those with a green thumb. It’s also a gift they can care for a long time after they receive it! While it’s a plant, succulents don’t require an insane amount of attention and do fine with minimal care. If you have to find a gift for a girly girl, face masks and other self-care products are a great way to go. They’re inexpensive but show you care about them and how they are doing. Adding in some nail polish of their favorite color and your gift is ready! One of my favorite universal gifts to give is a couple of candles! They’re universally loved by everyone. You need to have a little background on your person and what kind of scents they like, but other than that not much else is needed! No matter who they are, everyone appreciates a good candle.

I hope these help you pick out the perfect gift for the holiday season! Remember, no matter what you decide to get them, it’s always the thought that counts. Happy shopping!