New App: “Don’t Touch The White Tile”

New App: Dont Touch The White Tile

Kate Lang, Staff Writer

Earlier this week, I was informed of a new game that the entire student body has been playing for days. I had no idea this game was so popular.

“Don’t Touch The White Tile” has a lot of similarities with the famous game “Piano Tiles,” but it is much more intense.

“Don’t Touch The White Tile” has three different styles of the game in which the app lets you choose from. Produced by “field walking,” “Don’t Step On The White Tile” has the first styles of game, “Time Attack.” This style gives you 50 tiles to press on and the goal of this is to get the fastest time and to keep beating your high score. The highest score I have heard of is 7.006 seconds.

The second style of “Don’t Touch The White Tile” is called “Long Run.” The point of this is to see how many tiles you can press in a row. The only catch is that you have to maintain the rate of 50 tiles or more in only 10 seconds.

The third style of “Don’t Step On The White Tile” is “Stopping Just.” The goal of this game is to “step” on as many tiles that you possibly can in 10 seconds. The catch to this style is that after the first five seconds of the game, the timer above that tells the player how much longer they have left to get as many tiles as they possibly can, goes away. Basically it counts on you to count to five on your own time, and if you touch any tiles after it has been the full five seconds that were left, you lose. This game is contagious and is swarming like a colony of bees around the school.