Movie Review: Creed II

Movie Review: Creed II

Evan Starr, Staff Writer

Creed II was released on Thanksgiving, the highly anticipated sequel to Creed and the latest edition in the Rocky franchise. Creed II did not disappoint, as the story of Adonis Creed continues and the lore of the Rocky franchise gets an upgrade.

Creed II was great, it was exciting, fun, and I was fully wrapped up in the story throughout the entire runtime. Michael B. Jordan was awesome, as expected from one of the best actors today. Sylvester Stallone, revamping the role that made him famous, looked at home playing the role of Rocky. The boxing scenes were great as expected and every punch felt real and the viewer really got into each fight and cared about the consequences for the characters. Each character from the main protagonist Adonis Creed to the main antagonist Viktor Drago, both were very fleshed out and I actually cared about Drago as much as I care about Creed, which is thanks to tremendous writing and directing.

Leaving the theatre I was more than fulfilled by Creed II, I loved every moment of it and left the theatre wanting more. I highly recommend going to see this movie it promises to be up their with the best movie of the year.

I give Creed II  an A-