Ariana Grande’s New Single: “Thank You, Next”

Ariana Grandes New Single: Thank You, Next

Kate Lang, Staff Writer

Ariana Grande came out with her new single “Thank you, Next” on November 3.

The world was completely shook when it came upon the lyrics and realized what Ariana Grande was really singing about.

In the first part of the song, Ariana Grande sings “Thought I’d end up with Sean” speaking of her ex-boyfriend, better known as “Big Sean” in the music industry. She also sings of “[writing] some songs about Ricky” and incorporates how she now “listens and laughs” about the past songs she wrote about another past boyfriend, Ricky Alvarez. She also sings about how she “almost got married” and speaks of Pete Davidson, her ex-fiance. And finally, after naming all of her public ex-lovers, she ends the beginning of the song with a message of how she misses rapper Mac Miller, a past boyfriend that passes away due to accidental drug overdose in September of 2018.

Ariana Grande goes on in the graceful songs and sings about how she has overcome her need for a man to love her and addresses her next lover as herself. The song pursues with a beautiful ending that summarizes how Ariana Grande is “grateful” for her exes. She adds in how she has grown in patience, “learned from the pain”, and her life is now “amazing.” Ariana Grande also tells her audience of how she intends to have more self-love in the future and wants to take care of herself before she rushes anything in her love life.