The Irwin Legacy Lives On

Gwen Morovitz, Assistant Editor

In early September Bindi Irwin, the daughter of Steve Irwin announced the premiere of a new Animal Planet series, Crikey! It’s the Irwins! Years after her father, the crocodile hunter himself, passed away in a tragic accident with a stingray, his family is paying tribute to him and his fans through a show highlighting the importance of wildlife conservation and preservation.

In the first episode, airing October 28th, the show opens with a tribute to Steve Irwin’s life’s work and footage from his original show explaining his goal in life was to pass his conservation work down to his children. An emotional scene shows the audience the strive and passion Steve had for his work, and it’s very evident in his children Robert and Bindi as the show continues with them working in their father’s footsteps.

After the tribute, the audience gets to experience the birth of twin koala bears, which is an extremely rare sighting. Barely the size of a thumb, it is incredible to witness the miracle of life on screen.

Robert Irwin works with his father’s “best mate”, Wes Mannion to learn how his father ran the zoo and how he will eventually be running it in honor of Steve. Mannion teaches Robert the safety in how to feed crocodiles and how to interact with the animals during everyday care. Having this role model has been important to Robert to help and his family keep the zoo alive without Steve around.

The show will air every Sunday night for the rest of its first season and I can only imagine the following it will have, after first hand being an enormous fan of Steve Irwin’s show, The Crocodile Hunter when I was a kid. This show clearly educates its audience in the importance of keeping wildlife safe and respecting all animals lives.