The Haunting of Hill House

Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

If you haven’t heard of the newest Netflix original TV show The Haunting of Hill House yet, you’re living under a rock. After learning of all the hype surrounding it, I knew I had to check it out and form my own opinion. It did not disappoint. It masterfully weaves together both aspects of a psychological thriller and gore to make a revamped version of the classic horror show we all know and love. In addition to plot twists and jumpscares, The Haunting of Hill House tackles tough issues regarding family and the bonds shared between them. Overall, I had high hopes for this show and once I finished it, all I wanted was a second season.

It has 10 episodes, which is the perfect length per season to binge without it becoming tiresome or repetitive. I have to admit, the first 2-3 episodes were hard to invest in. They are critical to the story plot, however, as it sets up the story for later episodes to expand on. I’m glad I stuck with it, as the last 3 episodes packed quite a punch. I won’t reveal any spoilers but will say that the slow plot start from the beginning all comes together in the end, and will be completely worth the wait. The season finale, episode 10, is understandably the best. Every loose thread the show has pulled on comes together in mind-boggling ways. The audience finally understands what really happened the last night at Hill House and what exactly is inside the red room.

If you are a fan of horror films, I can’t recommend this enough. Even if you don’t normally like horror shows or are relatively new to the genre, this is a great starter show. The amount of gore is not too much, it’s just enough to get the concepts they are trying to push across. The main focus is on the ghost aspect and the actual haunting of the house. Overall, it’s one of the best creepy shows Netflix is streaming right now. If you have some free time, go check it out!