Movie Review: A Star is Born

Cindy Ciotta, Managing Editor

Two weekends ago I got the chance to see A Star is Born in theatres. Before you read any further, know this: it was amazing, and there were lots of tears. 10/10  would recommend.

The movie was a remake of the 1954 musical film. As the  story goes, Jackson Maine, played by Cooper, meets and becomes infatuated with struggling server and singer Ally, who is played by Lady Gaga. After getting told her whole life she didn’t have what it takes, Jackson Maine sees potential in Ally and brings her into the spotlight. She becomes equally loved and adored by fans and their relationship hits some hardships. Jackson deals with internal demons and the story shows how they get through it all with stresses of fame.

A Star is Born was directed by one of the main characters himself, Bradley Cooper. Cooper spent 18 months taking voice lessons in order to prepare for this movie! The voice lessons certainly paid off, as his and Lady Gaga’s voices sounded amazing together!

The movie overall shows positive messages and is a real tear jerker.  If you enjoy the occasional romance movie here and there or like movies with great music this is one for you. I definitely enjoyed it and hope it comes out on Netflix soon. If you haven’t seen it yet, I seriously suggest it!