Bands On The Rise: Cherry Pools


Taylor West, Assistant Editor

How often do you listen to music? Between turning the radio on when getting in the car to putting in earbuds during class, we as a society have grown attached to music now more than ever. Cherry Pools is a three man band just starting out in the music industry whose breakthrough is coming up soon. They have promising neon vibes of the 80s with a touch of their own, metro indie pop style. The band consist of lead singer Martin Broda, lead bassist Talyn Prior, and drummer Sean Medeiros. Starting out of the depths of their hometown in Toronto, ON, the band signed on as one of two opening acts for the Chase Atlantic World Tour.

At first sight, Cherry Pools are seemingly yet another band following the checkered vans and wildly colored hair facade. It’s easy to overlook them as a band that tries to copy the infamous band The 1975 and dismiss them completely. But- I urge you not to. Broda, who sets the look and feel for the band says, “One musical goal for this year is that I would like to see this band play to as many faces as possible.” The band as already gotten a jump on this as they start an all new tour with a brand new EP. Previously opening for the all-girl band PVRIS in an exclusive North American tour, Cherry Pools is now taking on their very first world tour, playing to thousands of people.

Their first catchy single was “Forever Young,” and it’s goal was to set both the idea and aesthetic for the band. It did just that. Not only does the song give the band a great first impression on new listeners, it shows the world just how musically creative each member- who contributed- can be. While sticking close to the normal sounds of how indie-pop appears today, Cherry Pools finds their own loophole into originality rather than fading into the background of basic, copy-cat like bands. Prior, lead guitarist, says “The inspiration for this song was essentially to create a modern/vintage anthem for the youth.” Prior, only 17 years old, left the high school scene to join the band when contacted by Broda over social media.

Cherry Pools is a band who puts a new and refreshing spin on the typical indie-pop. Starting with just two songs, they recent released their “Less Religion More Sex” ep with big plans to write and tour a full length album. With only 25,100 listeners on Spotify, the world is not prepared for what Cherry Pools is about to bring to the table.