This is Childish Gambino


Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

One of the first words Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, said when walking on stage was, “This is not a concert. It is an experience. I want you to feel something.”

These words would hold true for the rest of the concert, resulting in not only powerful and moving songs but also stage theatrics that looked like living art. Overall, Glover managed to masterfully weave together songs from all of his albums into a coherent story without making it feel forced.

My favorite song by far was “Terrified,” a song from his newest album Awaken, My Love. Not only did Glover perform the song well vocally, but the colorful lasers onstage created a glow to the arena while the song played, making the entire arena lit with different colors that represented a rainbow. Glover also included two huge technical boxes on each side of the stage, which lit up with a projection of Glover drowning in water alongside a woman. This ended the song on such a powerful note and felt like art more than a concert. Each song carried a purpose and hoped to evoke a specific emotion from you instead of just going through the motions.

The last song of the night, “This Is America”, was a crowd favorite. It is one of Glover’s more recent songs, meaning even the most casual of concert-goers could sing along. Glover danced around, performing his iconic dance moves from his “This Is America” music video, and even included the girl backup dancers from the music video at the concert. This left the crowd feeling pumped, ending the concert on an excited note.

The only exception to the otherwise great concert is that towards the end of “This Is America,” Glover allegedly twisted his ankle and didn’t get to perform an encore. His set list for the encore includes hits like “3005″, “Sweatpants”, and “Redbone.” Even though Glover didn’t get to perform all the songs he intended to, the ones he did sing were spectacular, showing his talent and versatility as an artist.