Sierra Burgess Is A Loser

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser

Taylor West, Assistant Editor

Everyone loves romance movies, even the boyfriends that moan and groan when their girls squeal at the idea of watching The Notebook for the hundredth time, because secretly, they love it.

Recently, Netflix has been dishing out rom-coms left and right, and we love them. From wooing over Elle’s and Noah’s love-hate relationship in The Kissing Booth, to society’s new found obsession with Noah Centineo from To All The Boys I’ve Loved, we have stood by Netflix eagerly awaiting the next big hit.

And then Netflix gave us Sierra Burgess Is A Loser, and it went all downhill from there.

Sierra Burgess really was, in everyone’s eyes, a loser. She was smart in all her classes and didn’t do much with herself other than hang out with one friend and occasionally read books at home in her super Tumblr-looking room.

A popular girl, Veronica, labeled Sierra as a loser and always bullied her. When Veronica gives Sierra’s number to a cute, shy boy who hits on her as a joke, the two form an unlikely friendship after Sierra finds herself really wanting to impress this boy, and Veronica needs help passing her classes.

The reason this movie was so intriguing to me was due to the fact that its entire plot is centered around a girl who catfished a guy. We hear about guys always doing this to girls, and I think to see it done the other way around can allow many people to overlook the fact that catfishing, no matter the gender, isn’t a morally correct action.

I continued watching the movie, even as Sierra and her crimes against any kind of ethics progressively got worse. It interests you to see just how far Sierra will go for a boy who has no idea what’s happening to him. To give the movie some credit, it does show the ugliest side of humanity, which has some value to it. The farthest of her actions went to acting as if she were deaf when confronted with him in person. And the boy being the angel the writers made him out to be, knows sign language due to his deaf little brother. Sierra took advantage of a boy who thought she was Veronica, then proceeded to use a disability that she didn’t even have to her advantage.

What makes this movie so horrendous isn’t the acting, writing, or the idea that girls can be manipulative to any type of boy (even if they are cute and sweet), but rather how the movie ended.

SPOILER ALERT: Sierra Burgess gets the boy. He ends up forgiving her what happened, and she faces nearly no repercussions. Now, I know, we all want a happy ending for the girl who felt like a complete outcast throughout the entire movie; and for a while, the writers had me tricked into forgetting why I disliked Sierra so much by glossing over her actions with this adorable relationship. When it comes down to it, Sierra was forgiven by a boy who took hardly anytime to forgive her, and acted as if nothing had happened. It wasn’t the movie that was terrible, it was the unrealistic ending.

In conclusion, Sierra Burgess is not a loser, but rather a terrible person. She catfished a guy, pretends to have a disability all to get a guy to like her, and ditched her supportive friends. We are ready for the next Netflix rom-com that isn’t Sierra Burgess Is A Loser, but something cute, romantic, and heartwarming instead of leaving us feeling as though bad people with good friends get everything they want.