Music Review: ‘Sweetener’ tops Spotify charts

Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

Ariana Grande, a Disney actress turned pop star, creates a new and innovative pop sound for her fourth studio album. Instead of playing it safe and producing another generic pop album that sounds like everything else on the radio, Grande fuses elements of pop and R&B to create a unique voice showcased throughout the album.

Her whirlwind engagement to her current fiance, Pete Davidson, has also played a huge role in the mood of the album, as Grande’s happiness and peace of mind is prevalent. She doesn’t rely on emotional ballads or grandiose vocals to steal the show; her production and lyrics speak for themselves.

One of the most unique tracks, “R.E.M.”, features a background noise of breathing with Grande’s breathy voice being laid over. While most of Grande’s older and more recognizable singles rely on featuring Grande’s voice belting out the main chorus, “R.E.M.” goes in the opposite direction by creating a soft and laid back mood completely opposite to her previous album Dangerous Woman.

The standout track on Sweetner by far is “God Is A Woman”. While almost all the other tracks manage to stay ethereal in tone, “God Is A Woman” is assertive and dominant, allowing it to rise above the other songs. In addition, Grande utilizes a gospel background at the end, ending the song on a high note and leaving the listener with an impression bound to last throughout the rest of the album. It was also one of the first songs to be played consistently on the radio.

Overall, Sweetener blew every preconceived opinion I had about the album out of the water. Grande’s love and true happiness can be felt through every song without feeling like she’s boasting. Sweetener is Ariana Grande’s best album yet.