Vance Joy


Emily Semlow, Staff Writer

A great ending to a senior year and a great beginning for a summer. Vance Joy was enjoyable and fun, sounding even better live. His music and voice were heartfelt and inspiring, and the overall vibe of the concert was electric.

For a first concert, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I had my best friend by my side and the sky was the limit. The experience proved that who you get to spend your time with truly makes a difference. I even got to meet a journalist from another high school who seemed to be having the time of her life with her best friend.

And though Vance Joy was incredible, the background behind songs was even more touching than you could imagine; his mother helping with lyrics, and just learning experiences that changed a piece of his life, all intertwined throughout all of his music, the opening act was also phenomenal.

Lovelytheband was amazing: a small band from LA, who knew how to connect with the crowd. Their music was truthful and the writer was honest with where they came from and the hard times it took to create some of their biggest hits. Travelling with Vance Joy will give them a leg up and keep them growing. Through their growth, though, I hope they don’t let go of the band they are now, because they’re already everything they need to be. With their performance, Vance Joy had something to live up to, and he did. Though it didn’t feel as connected, and more like he was up there to run through his show. In his advantage, everyone was there to see him and already knew his music.

Over all, Vance Joy was an amazing singer with a beautiful range that doesn’t need to be altered by the editing that occurs in the studios. It’s that kind of raw talent that many are envious of and that helps make the world go round in the hope and joy it transpires throughout those looking for it in music. I highly suggest seeing both of these artists in concert.