Kitten Forever Releases New Album


Abby Tow, Staff Writer

Their last album, 7 Hearts, which came out in 2016, harkened back to a time of Riot Grrrl Punk, reminiscent of Bikini Kill’s iconic sound but with a twist.

The ensemble, based in Minneapolis, is a three-member group made up of Laura Larson, Liz Elton, and Corrie Harrigan, consisting of only bass guitar and drums. The sound is tough and sharp and somehow sentimental, but it never strays from the gritty roots of Kitten Forever’s first album, Pressure.

Kitten Forever’s music takes femininity and puts it in a blender, pours it into a cup, and serves it without the cherry and whipped cream of traditional punk; there is a haunting emptiness about the music that beats like a heart alone at the end of a long hallway, sick with memories and meanings pulled taut against the backdrop of fun and fast guitar riffs.

The band released the single “Hell Hole” as a preview for the newest album, and to put it very simply, it rocks. The most striking lyric, “I wanna be your whimper queen,” is a favorite of mine, and this album is sure to be a highlight in the band’s career.

There aren’t enough good things to say about this band. Their music makes you feel alive and suddenly aware of your own blood pumping in your veins. The feminist themes of their lyrics are simple and strong, occasionally ironic and always hard-hitting.

If you’ve never heard Kitten Forever’s music, give it a listen. They’re the screamy and sweet concoction we all need right now.