Series Review: A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Season 2

Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

Netflix has recently released season two of A Series of Unfortunate Events, a show based off of the bad luck surrounding the Baudelaire twins and their quest to uncover events surrounding their parents’ death. While the title sounds rather morbid, viewers find twisted humor and irony in the repeated bad luck the Baudelaires face.

Season 2 capitalizes on making the Baudelaires suffer, while keeping the mood as light as possible, as it is based off of a children’s book. There is also a certain hidden humor, as their nemesis, Count Olaf, keeps finding ways to disguise himself while nobody but the Baudelaires know it’s him.

While season 2 is enjoyable, it’s hard not to critique the lack of plot in certain episodes. For example, The Hostile Hospital is split into two episodes, but could easily fit into one. This makes the series hard to finish, and could potentially deter viewers from making it all the way to the final episode.

On a different note, the set design for season 2 is excellent. Keeping with the drab theme, every scene is almost completely custom-made in blue and gray tones to help set the mood. This commitment to scene execution is one of the main components that sets A Series Of Unfortunate Events apart from other shows. In addition, the writers have stayed true to the book and haven’t made many huge alterations to the plot, satisfying loyal readers of the original book.