How to Up Your Style Game

How to Up Your Style Game

Mack LeBlanc, Staff Writer

We all want to look our best. You can claim to not care about your appearance, but let’s be real, if someone says you look busted, it’s going to hurt.  This article is for the people who either don’t know how to define a style, or who do, but can’t bring themselves to look that good every day.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a tee and jeans. I’m not trying to take away quick fashion choices, just enhance them. Let’s start with those that think they’re hopeless.

You need to switch it up, provide some variety. Boys, this is for the basketball shorts you keep wearing because they are a high end brand but haven’t washed in three weeks. Girls, this is for that vineyard vines T-shirt that you wear five times a week with Nike short shorts.

Let’s talk about girls.

We all follow a fashion influencer, a makeup artist, a brand, or something that defines a style we enjoy. So why are half of us not emulating that style at all? You say, “I wish I could dress like her” while you double click that photo. Well, I have a secret friends, you can.

Now trust me. I know, her shorts might be a little too short and your parents may never let you buy that crop top; that’s okay. You can’t get that exact look. You need to know what flatters you, not the Insta model.

That’s not to say you can’t take inspiration from her, though. Find a vibe you like, a style, or people who are the peak of that style to you. Then all you have to do is take the color scheme and keep an eye out for a shirt like that. It’s all about research (via scrolling) and execution.

You also have to break yourself of the habit of grabbing that tee and sport shorts if you want to dress differently. It takes a little more effort; you have to develop an eye for your style.

You can also find a style of makeup that compliments your look that will elevate the style. You don’t need to be caked or ready for a runway, but a little concealer, eyeliner, and a nude lip never hurt anyone. The devil is in the details.

Now, guys, I see two styles for you  in my everyday life: prep, and hypebeast. Those are very easy to achieve.

For prep, some Hawaiian button ups, colorful shorts, a thin chain, and Converse will do the trick. That’s good combined with a clean quiff haircut.

For my hypebeasts, you can be a little trickier, since you’re trying to balance effortlessness while looking like a G. Generally this style is all about name brand, but if you’re bad and boujee on a budget, that can be difficult. The easy solution is to not rely on the direct outlet, going to stores like Marshalls, or to websites like Overstock, which provides unique and name brand things for a fraction of the price. So you’ll save some coin and still be able to flex.

Now, what if you aren’t into either of those looks? Then you, my guy, have creative liberty. You get to go on Instagram and find a style you like, or think of how your favorite celebrity dresses. Then it’s just a process of learning how colors work and when you want to look more casual or more business.

But listen, and this tip will fit into all styles, nothing can compare to the power of a button up with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, that will forever look hot, I don’t care who you are.

Let’s have a brief talk on alternative styles. I’m talking goth, vintage, rave clothing, hipster, art pop, or anything that is considered somewhat out of norm. If you find yourself into any style like this, go for it. You do your research and grab elements from all over the community. The key to these styles is to not care what other people will think of it.

In the end confidence will pull everything together. You need to be styling yourself for you, and wear what will make you happy. So go ahead and get shopping!