Undiscovered Music

Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

As a self-diagnosed music addict, I spend the majority of my free time trying to find the best new music that nobody has heard of. The emergence of new streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music have made browsing music easier than ever before, and with that ease comes an influx in their inventory of music. Hopefully this will help you widen your music taste and maybe you’ll even hear something you like.

  1. “Yam Yam”- No Vacation
  2. “Bellyache”- Billie Eilish
  3. “Friends”- Chase Atlantic
  4. “Laundry Day”- No Vacation
  5. “Go!”- M83, Mai Lan
  6. “Wildflowers”- Miley Cyrus
  7. “Magnetic”- Phillip Phillips
  8. “I Don’t Care As Long As You Sing”- Beatsteaks
  9. “Home”- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  10. “Could Never Be Heaven”- Brand New
  11. “Oh No!”- Marina and the Diamonds
  12. “Andreas”- Seahaven
  13. “Strawberry Swing”- Coldplay

Give these songs a listen! There’s a variety of genres, so no matter what type of music you like, hopefully you’ll find at least one song to add to your collection. Happy listening!