Underrated Holidays


Natalie Hornbaker, Staff Writer

Sure we have great, hugely celebrated holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Fourth of July, but what about the smaller holidays? What about the holidays that are not acknowledged?

Here are five very important days that we should take time to celebrate more often.

February 15: Singles Awareness Day

Valentines Day might be for all the lovers in the world, so it’s only fair that all the singles get their day, too. Spoil yourself with some chocolates and you will not forget this holiday again.

February 27: IHOP National Pancake Day

This day doesn’t need much explanation. All you need to know is IHOP serves free all-you-can-eat pancakes all day long. You’re welcome, America.

April 11: National Pet Day

This day is all about our furry, slimy, tiny, loving pets. Without them, we couldn’t make it through most days, so it’s only fit to have a day to celebrate them.

August 10: National Lazy Day

I don’t know about you, but this is a day that I will be taking very seriously this year. Spend your day being absolutely pitiful whether it be in your bed, on your couch, or even on the floor.

September 8: National Wife Appreciation Day

Even though none of us are married yet, you can guarantee this will be a day celebrated every year in my house. On this day, husbands, take the time to let the woman that deals with you everyday know that you love her.