Music Review: Lauv’s “I Like Me Better”


Emily Semlow, Staff Writer

Many artists have attempted to create an image of what true love is supposed to look like, and aspired to show something we should all reach for.

“I Like Me Better” captures the emotion of true love perfectly, relieving us with the feeling of a love that is real and simple, yet lasts forever, no longer believing that love is unattainable compared to social standards.

Lauv did an excellent job in his music video of capturing the idea behind the song: a couple transitioning back and forth between young and old, allowing the audience to see the extent to which love can reach and shows how limitless it can be.

All about simply being with the person you love, it’s an amazing transitional song between seasons: a summer jam and a spring break road trip. It’s a song that can be enjoyed with your loved one or a dance party alone in your room. “I Like Me Better” hits just the right emotions and gives you a light feeling of hope, something other songs can’t quite hit on as well, which truly makes it the song of the season.

10 out of 10, suggested for completing your summer tunes and fun times with friends in this upcoming season of high school puppy love and adventures.