Black Bear: An under-appreciated rapper

Black Bear: An under-appreciated rapper

Mack LeBlanc, Staff Writer

The rap industry has been in full flourish as of late. The genre is writhing with new artists coming out of the woodwork, as well as old artists we all love. There are a few underappreciated artists that are excellent and put out music for the love of music, and my favorite among them is blackbear.

blackbear has released ten albums, including EPs since 2015. To blackbear, music is an outlet. He isn’t just a rapper; he has a regular job as well. Rap for him is a hobby, and he was never in it for the fame, money, or lifestyle. This is unique in the industry at the moment because you see so many coming in for the fame, the women, the money, and not the music.

blackbear is a refreshing artist to see. He made it without being signed to a record label, and his hit song “Do Re Mi” made it to the top charts in late 2017. He struggled with addiction and overcame it. His album Digital Druglord  was a celebration of his survival through a near death experience with pancreatitis. He even did the opening show for Fall Out Boy’s Mania tour.

He’s easily one of the best artists I listen to; his music is entertaining and real. He surely deserves more support than what he has.

On that note here’s a list of songs I recommend by him:

  1. “Juicy Sweatsuits” (featuring Juicy J)
  2. “Down 4 U” (featuring T-Pain)
  3. “Candyapple” (featuring Paul Wall and Riff Raff)
  4. “Glo_up” (featuring Rick Ross)
  5. “E.Z.” (featuring Machine Gun Kelly)
  6. “Dirty Laundry”
  7. “Chateau”
  8. “Make Daddy Proud”
  9. “Girls Like U”
  10. “Help”