Show Review: Black Mirror

Show Review: Black Mirror

Taylor West, Staff Writer

With Netflix continuously being the number one thing students use to avoid doing their homework, it’s one of the most talked about things. The streaming service has been consistent with putting out new series to keep subscribers coming back for more. Running next to the newest and highly favored season two of Stranger Things, comes Black Mirror.

The Netflix original makes it easy for those who can’t keep up with an ongoing TV show by making each episode different from the last. The central idea of the episodes are about a technology theme. They contain scenarios in an alternative society, in the past, present, and future, about how technology has taken over. Like all great Netflix series, the show has many hidden and clear symbols and a “moral of the story” about how technology has become our main source of everything, which shows just how dependent on technology we are.

One of the quirky characteristics about this Netflix original, is its usual order of things. At a careless first glance, one could easily think, “Oh, no! My Netflix isn’t working right!” As the entire series seems to flipped around, rendering perfect for the similar sense of just how odd the show itself can come off to some. Starting with the last season and making its way down to the first, everything is out of order, and debatably annoying for those who like things organized. Although, the messy, spontaneous way that Netflix has arranged the season and episodes align perfectly with how the show itself is.

If you’re into sci-fi shows or not, Black Mirror can provide for all the needs of its viewers. Never branching off the next, one episode can be strictly for the crazy horror enthusiasts, and the next can be for the romantic kinds. Either way, Black Mirror does a great job of never allowing you to watch just one episode, and sometimes that in itself can be a bit scary.