I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

A Steve Aoki Story

Joshua Canfield, Staff Writer

The documentary I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead is about DJ Steve Aoki and reveals his career up to his biggest show yet. The film was directed by Justin Krook and released on Netflix in 2016. Aoki holds the record most traveled musician in one year, racking up more than 241,000 miles and doing 161 shows in 41 countries in 2012.

Steve Aoki is son of Hiroaki Aoki, also known as Rocky Aoki, who founded the popular Japanese chain Benihana. Rocky was mostly absent for Aoki’s childhood, which made Aoki an independent person who wanted to make his own name to show his dad. Aoki’s goal for his early life was to find out his hobbies; one of his passions was music. Steve went through school building up his name and by his early 20s he created own record label, Dim Mak, which stands for Touch of Death or Death Touch, a reference to Bruce Lee.

Steve Aoki’s life is very busy and can be really stressful. Having multiple shows every year within a day, he has to find time to rejuvenate. Aoki doesn’t do drugs or drink alcohol anymore to keep his body healthy, along with diet and exercise to stay in shape. Steve is now 40 years old and is still living by his strong drive and work ethic, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.

The documentary highlights key points in Aoki’s life from himself, family, friends, co-workers. If you’ve never heard of Steve Aoki, you should look him up. He is a man on a mission to do what no DJ has never done before. He is a role model for the industry, a very talented DJ, and really likes to throw cakes at his concerts.