Why Valentine’s Day is Pretty Cool Even as a Single

Why Valentines Day is Pretty Cool Even as a Single

Ben Wiche, Staff Writer

Alright, so Valentine’s Day: big old holiday filled with love, chocolate, and the rampant dread of millions of singles. And recently a lot of these disgruntled bachelors/bachelorettes have spoke out against the International Day of Love (one of whom actually created an Anti-Valentine’s Day playlist on this very website).

But speaking as a single teenager, I think Valentine’s Day is pretty alright.

I mean, it never seems to be too important, especially when compared to other holidays. No one’s preparing for it months in advanced. No one’s inviting you to Valentine’s Day parties. And if you are single, you’re kind of getting the easy side of the bargain. You don’t have to spend all your time and money trying to please one person. You just have to sit at home and eat Cheetos.

And what’s so wrong about celebrating love? Sure, the point can be made that our culture puts too much emphasis on the specific love of one person, and not our fellow humans, and also it overemphasizes the consumerist aspect of love. Advertising so often shows us that we have to show our love through money instead of showing our love through acts of kindness and generosity.

So, you know what? Ignore the culture! There’s nothing inherently consumerist about Valentine’s Day; it’s just one bloody day on the calendar. Instead of buying stuff, do stuff, hang out, have fun, and be merry.

Remember that love is too broad a term to be caught up in the narrow definition set forward by jewelry commercials, and that love doesn’t start and end with a romantic interest. How about this Valentine’s Day we focus on showing love to the friends who support, help, and in their own way, love us.

Why does it have to be Singles Awareness Day and not Non-Romantic Love Awareness Day. Sure, it’s not as catchy but so what?

I never said I was catchy.