Why Ghosts Are Real

Why Ghosts Are Real

Lauren Lents, Staff Writer

Stories and legends of paranormal beings have been passed down for centuries from all over the world. To some, these are only mere folktales or fiction, but to others they are very real experiences that have happened and are retold throughout the years.

A common misconception is that ghosts are the only type of supernatural being,

However, much like people, there are many kinds of ghosts. Some of the most common ones include demons, poltergeists, and restless spirits.

The media has just now started to portray spirits as beings other than white-sheeted figures chasing people. This is both a good and bad occurrence seeing as they are now portrayed inaccurately. The media has glorified the paranormal, leading most to believe that all spirits are malicious or WILL inflict pain on anyone in their way.

Though this topic is widely debated, there are some pieces of evidence that may sway opinions towards believing in the paranormal. Many devices have been created in order to help people come in contact with ghosts.

A common misconception is spirit voices. There are some pieces of evidence to support that humans are indeed receiving a coherent response, and other instances are just residual energy or past events that have occurred there.

The SB7 Spirit Box allows the ordinary to connect with the supernatural. The machine works by scanning through different radio channels in order to create a white noise. They are scanned quickly enough to allow a charged frequency to let the ghosts speak. In most investigations the people will ask questions or introduce themselves to which the spirit or spirits will respond with a short string of words.

Videography has now become a prominent force in paranormal investigations. The use of thermal imaging has allowed a much colder heat signature to appear on the screen. Spirits are known to bring a cold energy into the air, making it very easy to tell when a spirit has entered the atmosphere.

Because of the technology, proof is continuing to flood mainstream media only escalating the argument towards a supernatural world that has yet to be discovered.