Making the Most Out of 2018

Making the Most Out of 2018

Emily Semlow, Staff Writer

It is known that Keller is, well, boring. Any teenager will confirm that any Friday night is a non eventful one around here due to the fact that there’s nothing to do.

There’s so much more than we think.

Some of the better things require a little drive and a little walking around in Dallas or Fort Worth, but who doesn’t mind a little drive with their friends?

Here are some things that will help our weekends become a little less boring with only a little bit of digging and exploring, so we can in fact, make the most out of 2018:

  • Go on a hike! There are so many trails around in this area, here’s a couple places to check out if you enjoy nature.
    • North Shore Trail
    • Grapevine Lake Trail
  • And if you’re feeling a little extra, extend the trip and maybe go camping.
    • Brookside Camp
    • Isle du Bois Unit Campground
    • (BRING A TENT)
  • Then there’s places for the people who enjoy wildlife and nature, but you can view them from afar.
    • Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden
    • Dallas World Aquarium
  • There are so many more things from festivals to museums to even galas for breast cancer.
    • Nasher Sculpture Center
    • Go to a Buddhist Temple
    • Cattle Baron’s Ball
    • GW Boutique
    • Visit the Fabuloso Latino Cultural Center
    • Eat your way across Addison
    • Dallas Zoo
    • Deep Ellum
    • Film fest
    • Spiral cafe
    • Historic West End District