Juliyanna McCracken, Staff Writer

According to, Twitter’s expansion to 280 characters is rolling out publicly to all users in supported languages, including English. The company had first announced the controversial plan to move beyond its traditional 140 characters back in September, noting at the time how a longer character count allowed users to express more of their thoughts without running out of room to tweet.

The expansion was initially available to a select group of Twitter users as a trial.

At the time of its original announcement, the company cited data backing up its decision that referenced how the character constraints impacted users differently, depending on their language.

Twitter said that those who tweeted in languages like Japanese, Korean and Chinese were able to express around double the amount of information in a single character, compared with users who spoke English, Spanish, Portuguese or French, for example.

According to this article, Twitter has expanded the amount of characters that were allowed to be used in posts. They have raised the count from 140 characters to 280 characters. This has allowed other cultures that speak different languages to better express themselves. said, “Because of this, Twitter decided the expansion to 280 characters would only roll out to those languages affected by ‘cramming’ – meaning everything but Japanese, Chinese and Korean – during the test period.”

The decision was met with a fair amount of controversy, according to, given that one of Twitter’s defining characteristics is the brevity of users’ posts.

“Many argued that the increase to 280 characters would make Twitter less readable, as longer tweets filled their timelines,” they said.

Other’s have expressed how people will be more affected by abuse and harassment; because of the increase in characters people have expressed their concern regarding the reliability of Twitter.