Everyday Is Christmas Album Review

Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

During the Christmas season when you turn on the radio, you usually hear the same couple variations of overplayed songs over and over again. They’re classics for a reason, but there’s only so many times you can hear Mariah Carey’s iconic “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Sia’s new album, Everyday Is Christmas, is an innovative take on the Christmas spirit while still retaining its originality. The lyrics are original and innovative, but the beat and overall tone remain joyful and festive, as any Christmas album should. Ahead are my favorite tracks from Sia’s new album.

 “Candy Cane Lane” 

An upbeat and exciting beginning to Sia’s album, “Candy Cane Lane” has the potential to quickly become a household classic. The beat is extremely festive, and has a faint bell in the background with an uplifting message of friendship during the holidays.

“Puppies Are Forever”

Who doesn’t love dogs? While not necessarily a straightforward classic Christmas tune, “Puppies Are Forever” still manages to pull on your heartstrings and keeps an upbeat and almost tropical beat. It’s one of my favorite unconventional holiday songs.

“Underneath The Mistletoe”

As the first slow song, Sia decides to showcase her voice more than the previous songs, resulting in a beautiful ballad that is simple but effective. It isn’t the most exciting song in the album, but she executes her simplicity in capturing a moment underneath the mistletoe extremely well, resulting in a solid song.

“Everyday Is Christmas

The very last song of the album, “Everyday Is Christmas” is my favorite due to its ups and downs. The song starts out slow, but builds to Sia’s voice belting out the chorus and showcasing her raw, natural voice that all Sia fans love. The beat is subdued, and the message is quite clear- everyday can be celebrated like Christmas. It’s a great message to end on, and closes the album quite well.

Overall, Sia’s new album was a great mix of old holiday cheer and fresh lyrics, creating an album that is sure to become a holiday classic in the years to come.