Music Review: Grace Vanderwaal


Emily Semlow, Staff Writer

Everyone has a dream. Some of us strive and reach as far as our fingertips will go; some of us stand on our tip-toes and hope and pray that we can reach it. Others allow the dream to sit in the back of their minds and allow it to become a nightmare, a regret of the past that they should have pursued. Thirteen-year-old Grace Vanderwaal decided to not only shoot for the stars, but to dance in the moonlight, embracing her talents and making her dreams become reality.

After winning America’s Got Talent with the original song, “Moonlight”, Simon Cowell stated that she was, in fact, the next Taylor Swift.

Her passion for her music shows through in her new album Just The Beginning, which came out November 3. Every song is unique without any one of them getting lost on the album. Vanderwaal takes pride in her ability to have created such a beautiful thing that others can hear and listen to themselves. In an interview she even left advice for any aspiring artists who have the same dreams.

“…This is going to sound selfish… it’s going to sound so bad… Just focus on you. You’re music should be for you and you’re outlet for expression.”

She later explained that others shouldn’t matter in your music process because the point of creating is for the artist to show who they are and to fully express themselves.

Vanderwaal’s talent is outstanding for only being the age of 13, and she still has so much more to go. I strongly advise giving her music a listen and even watching a few of her interviews so everyone can see the true excitement and passion that goes into her music. She has a loving, innocent spark that I hope she always holds onto and embraces in her music. It’s inspiring and contagious, and with artists like this, the world has the ability to be a little brighter.