Music Review: Dua Lipa’s New Rules


Emily Semlow, Staff Writer

The first time I heard Dua Lipa’s new song “New Rules”, it was an acoustic version of it and I fell in love. But it wasn’t the voice that I fell in love with, it was the lyrics. Lipa’s lyrics are catchy and can be empowering to women, stating that it’s time to get over that one boy.

Lipa is a talented artist with a beautiful voice with songs that seem to speak a truth when you don’t have the words to speak it yourself. That’s exactly what music is supposed to do for you. Music isn’t only an expression for the artists, but also to those who choose to listen. Many turn to music to find the expression of what they’re feeling, ridding us of the idea that we all truly are alone. Lipa does exactly this with her expression in music.

If you enjoy her new single, you should look into her other music and hits that have been played on the radio. The amount of success she reaches in her music is tremendous and you’ll be surprised when you see the songs that are actually her’s.