Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Is The New Game a Plague or a Perfect Distraction?


Abby Tow, Staff Writer

At this point in the year, it seems like everything that typically sets in as routine has set in. Classes, homework schedules, alarm clocks; however, we all knew something was missing: a pointless game to distract us from the realities of life, college apps, and responsibilities.

I’d heard about it in passing. A new phone game was sweeping the nation, and I didn’t have all the details. After further investigation, it dawned on me: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp was the reiteration of childhood I had been subconsciously craving amid the current stretch of high school which so heavily focused on turning me into a responsible adult.

So I thought to myself, “This is perfect.”

The premise of the game involves owning a campsite in a fanciful land of human-like animals who provide you with resources to further decorate your campsite and gain friendships with animals in exchange for favors, the favors being tasks such as, “Bring me five peaches and three squids.”

You think to yourself, “This is stupid. I’m independent. I’m mature. I’m going to bed now.” But the look in that elephant’s eyes and the precious, human-like outfit she’s wearing convinces you otherwise.

Suddenly it’s 2 a.m., you have completed none of your homework, you’re exhausted, but you can’t stop. It started with a few peaches here and there, a squid or two, just for the heck of it. Then it escalates. You’re in deep. You’re a slave to the anthropomorphic, adorable beasts. A blue squirrel wants all the herring you have in your inventory? You hand it over without thought. Your campsite needs a new couch or side table? You shell out fictitious currency after fictitious currency without blinking an eye.

You’ll forget this app in a week. You’ll open it only to clear the red circle in the corner of the icon on your home screen. Animal crossing is but a fossil.

But, for now, we all want an escape from projects and exams, and selflessly serving these pixelated and precious freaks of nature is one sure way to do it.