Band Review: Saving Forever

Up-and-coming teen band shows us a “Million Ways”


Emily Semlow, Staff Writer

Three brothers have caught the attention of many with their voices. The up-and-coming band’s newest song “Million Ways” takes you back to the early 2000’s. It’s refreshing.

Saving Forever is comprised of 14-year-old Khaden Harris [lead vocals & guitar], 15-year-old Kye Harris [bass & vocals], and 16-year-old Kavah Harris [guitar & vocals]. Reminding some of the Jonas Brothersthe band has proved that music can truly doesn’t have an expiration date.

With a tune you can’t help but to dance to, Saving Forever has so much potential, especially because of their younger ages. They have a voice and view that many other artists don’t have today or don’t choose to exploit. They can reach to younger audiences and continue to have those “#1 fans” grow with them just as artists like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.

They’re inspiring and can be a great influence that society and kids today greatly need. The lyrics of “Million Ways” read like poetry and is truly touching, explaining to a love that the simple ideas love holds can never be enough and they will want to give them so much more, hence the name “Million Ways,” signifying that there are a million ways to give their love well, love.

I can not wait to see what they do in the future and where their creativity and refreshing style takes them.