Music Review: Without Warning Album Breakdown

Music Review: Without Warning Album Breakdown

Lauren Lents, Staff Writer

Epic Records announced the Without Warning album and its collaborators on October 30. The following day, the album dropped and the public went crazy.

Without Warning features Offset, 21 Savage, Quavo, and Travis Scott. The album was produced by Metro Boomin. There are ten tracks on the album, ranging from trap to hip-hop, featuring a variety of artists collaborating on different songs.

Top 5 Songs (In my opinion)

“Ghostface Killers” starts off the album; it features Travis Scott. A slower-paced and almost eerie feeling is evident. 21 Savage conveys a dark time with a rhythmic style.

“Rap Saved Me” is a personal favorite of mine. It offers a look into 21 Savage’s past; although he is the main artist on the song, Quavo and Travis Scott join in for various verses.

“Ric Flair Drip” is another favorite, not just for me but for the public as well. This has been the most successful out of all ten songs. Along with having catchy lyrics, it is also the most fast-paced and features the most bass.

“Darth Vader” strays the most from the rest of the album. It features a minute long instrumental break at the beginning. This song qualifies the most as trap music and features both Offset and 21 Savage.

“Disrespectful” has the most catchy chorus and is the easiest song to pick up on. It is brought up with a simple beat that often pauses for 21 Savage to emphasize certain lyrics. It goes on to talk about being disrespectful to women.

Overall, the album has been thriving and all of the artists have been extremely successful with the creation of this collection of songs.