Music Review: Taylor Swift’s Reputation

Music Review: Taylor Swift’s Reputation

Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift has released recently released Reputation, her sixth studio album to date. While highly anticipated by some loyal fans, most regular listeners have already cast Reputation to the side, blindsided by her branding of being a “snake,” an animal given to Swift through the infamous Kardashian feud.

Surprisingly, Swift has capitalized on being called a snake, even made it the subject of quite a few of her songs off the album. This acceptance of her new reputation and finding how to integrate that into her newest relationship is the essence of Reputation.

It’s her most mature album yet — she’s moved on from crushes and breakups and has focused on writing about herself in the context of how society has perceived her. Unfortunately, the heavy influence of the synthesizer and electronic dance takes away from much of the album’s meaning.

Songs like “New Year’s Day” and “Delicate” focus on the lyricism and Swift’s stripped down voice, making for a more meaningful song. Most of the other songs, however, sound vastly different and produce a much less enjoyable song as a result. Below are my reviews of some of Swift’s standout songs from Reputation.

“End Game” — This is one of my favorites because of how well it combines Taylor, Ed Sheeran, and Future’s voice together. I didn’t think I would enjoy it because of the unusual pairing, but somehow they manage to blend together to make a cohesive sound that begins the album with a bang.

“Gorgeous” –Gorgeous is another one of my favorites due to the lyrics. In the past, Taylor has been very guarded with her personal life, but in this song, she opens up to the audience and lets us in on a crush she has, even though this person may not be the best person for her at this time in her life.

“New Year’s Day” —  With the rest of Taylor’s album sounding extremely electronic, “New Year’s Day” strips all the production down to showcase Taylor’s voice, and is the most similar song to her older music. It closes the album nicely, giving a nod to her old music while still moving forward and creating her own, unique sound.