Music Review: Sam Smith’s The Thrill of It All

Music Review: Sam Smiths The Thrill of It All

Katelyn Day, Staff Writer

It’s been nearly four years since Sam Smith has released new music. While his work is categorized under pop, he gives off a more R&B vibe, especially now more than ever in his 14-track album The Thrill of it All.

While the album does is more upbeat, Smith features a few songs that channel heartbreak. His tracks, “Too Good at Goodbyes,” “HIM,” and “Pray” all have sappy components to them, whereas the songs “Wake up Alone,” “Nothing Left for You,” “Breeze & Soul,” and “Baby, You Make Me Crazy,” along with many others seem to shed a beam of light into our lives. Some have said that Smith resembles Amy Winehouse in the lyrics of these tracks. To go along with the sappiness and joyful sounds, there are songs that aren’t happy by any stretch of the imagination: “Our Last Song,” which Smith stated was a “kiss-off to the man who haunted ‘In The Lonely Hour.’”

A way to describe The Thrill of it All is that it’s a fresh start. The years in between his last album and this one have not been all too kind to Smith, for a plethora of reasons: discovering racism in London, drinking too much at the Oscars, misspeaking, and getting annihilated by entertainment and news outlets the following day for his actions. In all honesty, Sam Smith appears to be a well-meaning man, whose music goes hand-in-hand with him being one of the most prominent gay male singers in the industry today.

All in all, Smith obviously knows exactly what he is doing with his music, as fans all around the world have been patiently been waiting for him to release his newest work. Although he has always had soul to his voice, his album had a variety of variations of soul rather than the typical cookie-cutter sound to it. Smith has been dominating the charts as of late, having two of his hits in the top 15 most popular tracks, and having his album at number one.