Movie Review: Wonder


Juliyanna McCracken, Staff Writer

The movie Wonder was a beautiful story about a boy who has suffered with a face deformity. In the movie, August has difficulty acquiring relationships with friends and family because of his condition. His family is more understanding because they have had a chance to built a closer relationship with August. As he attends school, he struggles to understand why people are extremely cruel, and why it is difficult for him to fit in, and see himself positively. After attempting to fade, the main character finds people who encourage him to be who he was meant to be. In this powerful, yet emotional story, the audience can infer that no one is born with perfection and that the events that the main character in the story undergoes show how important it is to mature as you grow up.

This movie was a truly heart-wrenching story; it was incredibly moving, and this story allows you to view the world differently. This movie forces you to step into someone else’s shoes, and experience life as they do. We do not all encounter the same events in our lifetime. Treat people the way you would like to be treated.