Juliyanna McCracken, Staff Writer

Burned by Ellen Hopkins is a powerful story about someone who struggles to find herself. Main character Pattyn Von Stratten faces harsh trials, and after a childhood filled with neglect and abuse, Pattyn incorrectly deals with life altering circumstances that turn her world upside down. After being sent away for the summer, the main character encounters the importance of love, loyalty, and tragedy. She attempts to invent a brand new lifestyle that allows her to view the world a different way.

You can compare this enticing novel to the modern day world because there are several cases that can be compared to the same situation that the main character has endured in this robust story. It is difficult for everyone to deal with life situations, and everybody undergoes events in their life that allow them to mature in some form or fashion. We are not all dealt the same deck of cards. Everyone does not grow up the same way. We all face circumstances that affect us in different ways, and a majority of us do not have the knowledge that is required to correctly handle the situation. It is vital to show respect to everyone because you do not know what they may be confronted with in their lives.