Band Review: Greta Van Fleet

Like a blast back to the 70s

Band Review: Greta Van Fleet

Abby Wormsbaker, Staff Writer

Music through the years has drastically changed; however, every now and then you will come across new music that has the same sound that was once popular “back in the day” — the kind of music people listen to while driving fast down the highway on a late summer’s afternoon with the windows down. That’s the kind of music that Greta Van Fleet plays. They’ve got a sound like Led Zeppelin and a groove like Pink Floyd.

Greta Van Fleet is a band of four boys, three brothers Samuel Kiszka, Joshua Kiszka, Jacob Kiszka, and Daniel Wagner. They’ve been a band since 2012, having released only a few songs from one EP called Black Smoke Rising. Their newest album will be released in only a few short months.

One of their most popular songs, “Highway Tune, is a great song that consists of fantastic sounds. The lead singer’s voice is similar to the qualities of 70’s rock life: electric and stimulating. When I first heard this song, I felt a huge adrenaline rush, and it’s perfect for listening to while driving down the highway. “Safari Song” is another song off of their EP that is fantastic. It’s original, and it’s a great tune that tends to replay in your head from being so catchy. “Black Smoke Rising” and “Flower Power” are the other two songs that this band has released off their EP. Again, these songs are astonishing.

Although this band only has a few songs out, it doesn’t change the fact that they know how to rock. A lot of music these days is very technology-related or auto-tuned to a point where you can barely even call it music. But this band has what rock music used to consist of: actual instruments and fantastic vocals.

Next time you want to listen to a new band, check out Greta Van Fleet. ESPECIALLY if you’re into music from the 1970’s. You’ll definitely enjoy this band.