Movie Review: American Assassin


Taylor West, Staff Writer

Everyone loves a good action movie, especially one with a twisted plot. Just a few weeks after the release of the booming movie IT, American Assassin hit theaters. All the best movies are based off books, so of course this one has to be. The only difference is American Assassin isn’t following a trilogy, or even a four book series. American Assassin is only the first book to a thirteen book series written by Vince Flynn.

The story follows Mitch Rapp and his journey to becoming, well, an American assassin. After his beloved high school sweetheart is shot and killed in a terrorist accident, Rapp devotes his life to killing terrorists and anything else in his way. This movie keeps you on the edges of your seat, with action non-stop and surprises left and right.

The movie stars Dylan O’Brien, a fan favorite on a recently deceased show Teen Wolf, and a co-star in many other movies. He plays main character Mitch Rapp, with his dark brown hair and equally dark eyes, Dylan O’Brien achieves the book character Mitch Rapp spot on.

Another well-known actor in the movie is Michael Keaton. He plays the mentor, Stan Hurley, who is a past war veteran with a peculiar taste for killing bad guys. Along with the casting for Mitch Rapp, those who loved the book claim the producers got Stan Hurley’s character played by the perfect person.

American Assassin is not only an amazing read, but a great movie. For people who love action down to their core, this is the movie for you. Not only do they wrap the 544-page book into roughly two hours, they seemingly adapted the movie just right (coming from someone who cries when the movie isn’t exactly like the book).

10/10 would definitely recommend seeing American Assassin.