Movie Review: Happy Death Day

Juliyanna McCracken, Staff Writer

Happy Death Day is a suspenseful movie and thrilling story about someone just like you and me.

As the same day recurs several times, the main character, Tree, experiences her birthday. Waking up the first morning, Tree finds herself confused. She allows herself to think that she is experiencing deja vu.

She then encounters the same events as she did the day before, realizing something is wrong. As Tree wakes up the third day, she finds herself distressed and afraid. Attempting to do everything correctly, she fails. As the fourth day arrives, Tree thinks she is unstoppable and thinks she is invincible. Later, she learns that she is is trapped in this particular day for a reason.

After facing the same events that she had faced the day before, Tree falsely accuses an inmate for the strange occurrences. She then discovers that the person closest to her is the one at fault.

Overall, it is important to understand how to treat people properly and to also learn how to correctly deal with life circumstances. As we encounter all of life’s great lessons, we begin to value everything that the world has to offer. It is vital to take advantage of opportunities, because we do not know when it will be our last.