Marteen- Spicy like Sriracha

Warner Bros.

Cindy Ciotta, Assistant Editor

Marteen has had a love for music all of his life as he has been greatly encouraged by his parents. He was born in Berkeley and embraced the Bay Area attitude from a young age. At just ten years old, he learned how to play classical piano and now can play other instruments as well, such as the guitar. Marteen credits some of his musical influences to D’Angelo, Musiq Soulchild, and Lauryn Hill.

In middle school, Marteen took advantage of his talent and shared it with the world through Instagram by posting videos covers of other songs. He gained great popularity with a local fan base which continued to grow. In 2014 he independently came out with his first single, “I Wanna.”

Marteen’s family friend Marty James heard the single and liked it so much he shared it with influential music producer, J.R. Rotem, who also was impressed with Marteen’s talent and unique song. Shortly after Marteen and Rotem met and hit it off, he released his 2016 mixtape Focused.

Through Rotem’s connections and Marteen’s charisma and talent, Marteen was soon sharing the stage with Fifth Harmony, Bryson Tiller, Super Duper Kyle, and Lil Uzi. Those great opportunities made his name better known within the music industry and soon his name got around to Warner Bros. after Marteen supported Kehlani on tour.  In 2017, he signed with the Warner Bros. label.

Marteen’s hit song, “Sriracha,” was actually inspired by ideas and beats he thought of while eating sriracha. “I love sriracha hot sauce,” said Marteen. He also shared that the spicy sauce fired him up to create some of his own freestyle and that the “lyrics just started flowing out.”

The cheery and unique song represents Marteen’s “spicy, slick, and soulful style” through its Bay Area influences and jazzy tune. It was co-written by Marteen and J.R. Roten.

The song is about a girl who seems as fun and charismatic as Marteen. As the lyrics say, the girl “has a lot of flavor, and a good attitude. She’s not basic. She’s a little bit different. She’s got that spice. She’s confident.”