Fun Things To Do During Fall

Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

It’s fall season! It’s finally getting colder, leaves are falling, and everyone’s breaking out their sweaters. Fall is a fun season, but with so many exciting activities to partake in, it may seem impossible to pick a couple to do. This quick rundown of fall’s most memorable activities only skims the surface of the fun available during the fall time. 

The most stereotypical and expected thing to do during the fall is to go pumpkin picking. It’s popular for a reason, though! Pumpkin picking is a perfect fall backdrop for an enviable Instagram post and Snapchat story addition. It’s also a great option to go to with your family, as there’s something to do for all ages. Most pumpkin patches offer hayrides and face painting, as well pumpkin carving or decorating. Although many people skip over this option because of all the hype, it’s a reasonable option if you want to celebrate the new season and welcome the return of Halloween.

A corn maze is an exciting way to pass the time and engage in a friendly competition of who can complete the maze the fastest. Whether you’re with our boyfriend/girlfriend or simply your family, the corn maze is always a good option. Usually, corn mazes can be found in fall festivals or a local fall celebration. Check around your area for a specific corn maze near you, like Hall’s Pumpkin Farm and Corn Maze in Grapevine. In addition to corn mazes, apple picking can be a popular activity that is often held at the same place as corn mazes.

Pumpkin picking, hayrides, face painting, corn mazes, and apple picking are all fun things you can do during the fall. If you’re bored or simply need something to do, check out these entertaining activities.