Flatliners Movie Review

Flatliners Movie Review

Katelyn Day and Lauren Lents

The movie Flatliners alludes to the fact that brain activity still exists after death. Throughout the movie, each of the flat-lined characters are haunted by their guilty upbringing, while still trying to remain in medical school.


The movie itself was interesting, but the way it was played out was all wrong. I feel like they could have showed more of what the characters experienced in the afterlife while being flat-lined. Instead, the movie was about the consequences of being flat-lined, as it can unlock a section of the brain that holds regrets and past sins. These sins eventually took over each character, nearly leading them to their own deaths, as the guilt was so severe. The film was very repetitive, yet choppy. The scenes, for the most part, show the same story line for each character, as they went back and forth from each person’s experience with getting flat-lined. There were unnecessary scenes thrown throughout the film as a way to add to each character’s story, but all they did was make the plot that much more confusing. Overall, the movie was decent. Would I see it again? Probably not. But I would say that if you enjoy movies about science and the afterlife, then check out Flatliners.


I thoroughly enjoyed the suspense aspect of it, but I felt that it lacked pizazz in terms of horror. While the younger sister of the main character was intentionally scary, it left the viewer wanting a more intense scene. The climax of the thrill was often diluted by a switch in scenery or a reflection of another character. Toward the middle of the movie it became slightly repetitive and hard to follow as each of the characters went through a similar process in flat-lining themselves. A meek and blatant attempt at romance was displayed only to leave me clueless and confused as to why it became necessary to convey the emotions and hint at love. It seemed like an afterthought, something they put in just to say it was there. The relationships between characters were awkward and underdeveloped at the beginning, but quickly warmed up towards the end. As far as the conclusion of the movie, I personally would have liked to see another death. It was your average “close call,” but in the end all the characters lived but one, severely decreasing the shock factor. Overall, I would see it again, but I would definitely be less interested than before, especially now that I know the outcome.