Olivia Holt: Generous


Emily Semlow, Staff Writer

Olivia Holt, a former Disney star from “Kickin’ It” has just released a new song, venturing out from the acting life as many Disney stars do. In this song, she demonstrates what she is capable of, but not showing us all of her talent quite yet. Holt is a talented young woman when it comes to acting, and it’s clear that she has a voice and an image she can publicize.

“Generous” is about emotions and a sense of love that she is willing to give up because of the overwhelming loneliness she is experiencing. The music video is creative but not quite fitting. Holt goes through a hotel pretending to be a maid and dresses up in the clothes she finds in the rooms she snoops in, making herself feel beautiful and confident like the song would portray.

Meanwhile, the song lyrics are almost surface level, simply saying that because Holt is feeling alone she’s going to give the guy a try, later explaining that she is normally selfish, but for him she’s not.She seems to contradict herself, because of the fact that the only reason she’s “givin’ [him] what [he] deserves,” is because of that lonely state she brings up several times in the song.

I’m curious to see something that goes beyond the simplicity of first songs and can hold up to other artists that are current and often seen on the radio.

Overall it’s a good first song, but it could hold so much more depth than a simple song of lust.

This is just the beginning. Holt holds so much potential for the future, and though this song isn’t my favorite, I’m excited to see what she comes up with later in the future.