Film Review: American Made

Joshua Canfield, Staff Writer

The drama/crime film American Made (rated R) premiered on September 29 and is funny and filled with plot twists that makes you rethink today. Director Doug Liman has hit films like Edge of Tomorrow and The Bourne Identity, so I had high expectations for his interpretation of a true story.

The main character Barry Seal, played by Tom Cruise, is a TWA pilot that is recruited by the CIA to fly reconnaissance on the communists in Central America. He soon finds he is in charge of one of the biggest operations in the history of the US. It brings in the narcos into power like the Medellin cartel and the fall of the Reagan administration.

The character development throughout the film shows the irony at the end of the movie. Everything is going great for Barry Seal; he makes a small town rich, has a beautiful wife and kids, and gets to do his passion flying planes, smuggling drugs and doing it all for the US government. I mean who wouldn’t want to something so easy and illegal but get paid a ton and be backed by the government? Barry Seal was the lucky guy who got to do all that, but what would it cost him? He changes from a reserved man who loves to come home to his family every night, to a man whose dog starts to dig up cash in the yard and doesn’t even care to pick it up, too lazy to care.

The crazy events throughout the movie show that it could never happen, but since this is actually based on a true story you have to determine what’s true and what’s not. Liman’s directing makes a seamless transition of events that make the viewer believe the whole thing. I would definitely recommend this movie as it’s fun and dramatic, but also something that makes you wonder if you could do that someday.