Bleachers Album Review

Abby Wormsbaker, Staff Writer

An album that tells a story about the longing of the past. In other words: a sweet, melodramatic (and very nostalgic) set of songs that hit me where it hurt most. Gone Now is the newest album by Bleachers, a band whose lead singer is the mastermind behind several hit songs performed by FUN., Lorde, Pink! and even Taylor Swift.

Every song on this album consists of a message that everyone needs to hear at some point in his or her life: to accept and let go of the past, let go of those memories that you replay so much in your head, to let go of people and the things that make you ache.

Each song on this album is different and tells a story ( which can be interpreted to every person in his or her own way) and despite my having trouble picking an absolute favorite, I’m going to recommend 5 songs to listen to if you haven’t heard any of Bleachers songs to begin with.

  • “Don’t Take The Money” is the single from this album and the song that makes me the most emotional for some reason. It makes me feel very optimistic about the future and makes it so easy to imagine an adventurous life with people I love. “It’s about following a light. A gut feeling.” – Jack Antonoff (via Instagram).
  • “All My Heroes” puts me in the absolute feels. To me, this song talks about how even the person we look up to as inspiration get exhausted, comes around to say that once that happens [he] will rise with better things. The lead singer talks about how the nights he can’t seem to remember are the nights that he will never forget in the long run. It’s about aiming for something more, something bigger and better.
  • “I Miss Those Days” may be the one that gets to me the most. The lead singer talks about a rough period in his lifetime: missing memories, missing people, and him acknowledging the fact that he knew he was lost but still moves on with his life. Every lyric of this song is so incredible to the point where I can’t pick an example lyric I relate to the most. If anything, give this song a try. Listen to the words and you’ll know what I mean.
  • “I’m Ready to Move On / Mickey Mantle” (reprise) is another song that I adore so much. It talks about being ready to move on with life and wanting to be free from somebody else’s world. It also ties with his song “Goodbye” (that you should also check out) with some connecting lyrics. My favorite part of this song is the ending when you can hear the background talk saying “I want to be grateful,” “You’ve changed,” and “I’ve got to get myself back home soon.” Truly a masterpiece.
  • “Everybody Lost Somebody” is beautiful. It talks about how every single person in this world has lost somebody in a different way, but it’s what we all have in common. It talks about how despite the pain felt you can survive any loss. The way this song sounds is extremely fantastic, and the lyrics have meaning beyond most. While listening to this song, I am able to remember that there are people in this world that I can relate to and know what it’s like to feel lost.  

As you listen to this album you will hear a repeating theme (as well as some repeating lyrics and background talking within each song) that all connect with the message. This entire album is so incredible, and I wish I could show people how each song makes me feel. But each person will experience something different when listening to this album. All I can do is suggest giving these songs a listen; if you like them then listen to the rest of his album and sing along at the top of your lungs. If you don’t, then…give it another try.