Wes Anderson returns with new stop-motion film

Natalie Dearman, Staff Writer

I remember growing up, and watching my favorite Wes Anderson movie, the stop-motion film Fantastic Mr. Fox. But as of recently, I’ve seen a trailer of another stop-motion The Isle of Dogs. My first thought, “Will this even compare to Fantastic Mr. Fox?”

Because Wes Anderson has released so many critically acclaimed films, such as The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom, and The Grand Budapest Hotel, with his new movie including Scarlett Johansson as a voice actress, I’m anticipating that The Isle of Dogs will be held to high expectations.

However, high hopes are held for this new film, because of how perfectly Wes Anderson executed Fantastic Mr. Fox.

The Isle of Dogs takes place in the dystopian society of future Japan, where there has been an outbreak of canine flu. Due to the outbreak, all dogs are banished to an island made of garbage, where a young boy begins a journey in hopes to find his lost pet.

Although many look forward to the release of this film, it has received heavy criticism. Critics, and also social media users have accused Anderson of whitewashing the film, a Japanese setting, a predominantly white cast, lacking any Japanese actors.

But despite the controversy, we will just have to judge it for ourselves, when the film is in U.S. theaters March 30th, 2018.