Album Review: Lana Del Ray’s Lust for Life


Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

Lust for Life is Lana Del Rey’s fifth indie/alternative album, yet has some key differences from the sound she produced in her first ever album, Born to Die. Throughout her years producing music, Lana has always been able to keep the same, retro-sounding base to all her songs and albums alike. The difference, is that her influences ( throwback, hip-hop, pop) vary in each of her albums. Lust for Life has an overwhelming hip-hop vibe, and goes as far to even include A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti in two of the songs off the album. Keep reading for a comprehensive and detailed review of my favorite songs off of Lust for Life.

  1. “Love” – To start off the album, Lana sings of love and happiness, a tone very different from her usual sad and mellow outlook on life. Although the meaning is different, the tempo has the same movie-like quality.
  2. “Lust for Life” (ft. The Weekend) – For the first time ever, Lana had multiple people featured on songs. In Lust for Life, The Weekend sings with Lana,  creating a song with hints of R&B influence.
  3. “13 Beaches” – One of my personal favorites, “13 Beaches” is a slow, dramatic song that slowly builds up to the main chorus of the song. It has the classic mellow tone of a Lana Del Rey song, but the beginning that sounds like an orchestra makes it stand out.
  4. “Cherry” – “Cherry” probably sounds the most similar to Lana’s last album, Honeymoon. It has all the classic elements to a Lana Del Rey song: retro lyrics, slow tempo, and sad lyrics.
  5. “White Mustang” – While not a happy song by any means, it seems to add onto the sadness and regret that “Cherry” had, only now with a slightly different pop and hip-hop beat.
  6. “Summer Bummer” – Going from the sad “White Mustang” to “Summer Bummer” is a drastic shock, as it has guest appearances from A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti, which makes the song sound like a rap song with an appearance from Lana. Based on the songs before “Summer Bummer”, it sticks out like a sore thumb.
  7. “Groupie Love” – Another song with A$AP Rocky as a guest appearance, but this time with more Lana. The songs are very similar together, but are drastically different compared to the album as a whole.
  8. “In My Feelings” – Lana’s songs always seem to sound old-school yet timeless, but “In My Feelings” seems to be the most dated of all the songs on the album, if only because of the title. It’s not the best song, but it isn’t the worst either. The predictable beat and typical lyrics make it blend in with the rest of the album.