Childish Gambino (Album vs. Album)

Childish Gambino (Album vs. Album)

Lauren Lents and Katelyn Day

Kauai (Katelyn)

The album features a variety of artists, including Jaden Smith, Christian Rich and Stephen Glover. After being released in October of 2014, Kauai took the 17th place on the Billboard Top 50, selling 15,903 copies in its first week. Kauai consists of seven songs, three of which are his own, while collaborating with other artists to bring the other four to complete the album. In this album, Glover showcased his R&B side; rather than in his previous albums, Because The Internet and Camp, where he went down the rap pathway. Kauai is one of his best albums yet, due to his more versatile sound and new outlook on today’s music.

Awaken, My Love! (Lauren)

The album is the most diverse in terms of styles of music,  being the newest, the public has reacted differently in comparison to the other albums. The album features eleven songs, each one funk infused and overall giving off a 70’s vibe. The most popular song, “Redbone,” gained fame through the suspense thriller “Get Out” as well as becoming an internet trend in which fans warped the song to fit different situations. This worked out in Glover’s favor; however, after it rose to fame, it quickly became old for many listeners. Gambino discusses many of today’s problems such as the media controlling too much of an artist’s vision as well as corruption of the entertainment industry. His vocals were showcased rather than just rap over the entire album. In the end, I think this is his most prosperous record, hitting number one easily and continuing to carry on his legacy.