Upcoming Music Artist: Julia Brennan

Director: Ivanna Borin & Frank Borin

Cindy Ciotta, Staff Writer

Nineteen-year-old Julia Brennan is a new singer/song writer living in Minneapolis. Music has always been an important part of her life and even more so today. Her mom was a wedding singer, and her grandmother was Miss Minnesota in 1951 with the talent of singing and playing the piano.

Brennan shares that she has been “writing in (her) journal since (she) was about ten.” When her friend was going through a tough time, she started writing “Inner Demons” as a way to comfort her and to incorporate her issues and struggles into it as well. She says the song serves as a way of saying that, “There are inner demons. There are inner struggles. There are battles that everyone goes through — and that’s okay.” The song sends a positive message to anyone going through something tough — that you don’t need to be ashamed of whatever it is, and that eventually it too will pass over.

After getting into a motorcycle accident and breaking her collarbone, Brennan had a lot of time to focus on “Inner Demons,” which she had been working on for about nine months before hand. At that time, going through her own struggle of staying home with an injury, she decided to put the journal entry to a tune. Soon after making a recording of herself singing the song, she sent it into her local radio station, KDWD-FM, where they played 60 seconds of her song. Within two days, she had emails from three different labels. She says, “It went fast.”

Soon after, she made a music video directed by Frank and Ivanna Borin, who helped come up with the vision for the video. She shares that it’s about her being “trapped with herself and with her inner demons” and the guy in the video represents a loved one who is trying to find her, but can only find her in the mirror.  

Brennan’s album Inner Demons is on iTunes now and includes two other songs along with the title track, “I’m Not Her” and “A Light to Call Home.”