Movie Review: The Discovery

Abby Wormsbaker, Staff Writer

Netflix is known for their popular original series and movies. Recently there have been several fantastic ones added such as Dear White People, Black Mirror, and Stranger Things.

Only a few months ago, Netflix added the movie The Discovery starring Jason Segel. This movie is about the scientific discovery made by a doctor that there is a definite afterlife, except in this case…people are reborn again. Once people figured out this information, tons of people began committing suicide in hopes of getting a “restart” at life. Many people even went to the scientist and asked to be included in bizarre and dangerous experiments. A young woman even tries to erase her dark past with the experiments. The scientist’s son, Will (Segel), however, thinks that the work of his father is outrageous.  He even tries to get his father to stop. The rest of the film takes a turn after Will realizes what the woman with the dark past is really up for.

This film tags a dark and eerie genre that is perfect for people who love psychological dramas. The characters are drawn out tremendously and the storyline is chilling. I suggest watching this movie, especially if you love movies that plot outside the box.

If you happen to like this movie or this genre, a few Netflix movies/shows I also suggest include The Phoenix Project, Mr. Nobody, Black Mirror, and Cake.